Visit Loveland has shifted its focus from tourism to creating useful and heartwarming content for the local community.

Here is a recap of what’s happening:

Creation of “Loveland Loves First Responders and Front-Line Workers” sign along US34 at the Loveland Visitors Center

Image courtesy of Visit Loveland

  • Virtual videos and a #ShareTheLove video for our community
  • Local dining guide to support restaurants. The guide lists all restaurants in Loveland that are open for drive-thru, takeout or delivery services.
  • Loveland’s local mascot, Valentina, put together a fun kids activity set to keep the little ones busy so parents can work.
  • Creation of Loveland-themed virtual Zoom backgrounds to bring some joy to meetings.
  • Updated resources page on our website which includes all of the above in addition to a listing of resource links for small businesses, locals, etc. as well as open natural areas, shops and more.
  • We have kept our social media (Facebook and Instagram) updated with this content for our community and also created engaging templates on Instagram so people can tag their favorite restaurants, things to do and much more.

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