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Colorado-based whiskey TINCUP has launched its Backcountry Adventure Campaign, inviting whiskey fans and outdoor explorers to share their mountain adventures for a chance to win “a truly once in a lifetime backcountry adventure,” including food, lodging and gear to explore the rugged mountains alongside renowned mountaineers!

TINCUP was founded in 2014 by Jess Graber, a Colorado distiller for more than 40 years and founder of Stranahan’s Whiskey, another Colorado favorite. The name derives from Tincup, Colorado, a mining town on the east side of the Rockies.

“I made TINCUP in honor of Colorado’s first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from. It is inspired by, and made for, the mountains. I really hope you enjoy it; life is too short to drink bad whiskey,” Graber says on the TINCUP website.

The Backcountry Adventure Campaign wants to encourage people to explore wherever life takes them, and to share their experiences on Instagram or Twitter using #YourMountainAwaits and #Contest. Submissions will be judged by TINCUP’s team of adventurers who will look for the most unique and inspirational tales of adventure, friendship and the pursuit of the discovery.

Everything about TINCUP is designed to be shared in the outdoors, and the Backcountry Adventure Campaign wants to encourage this aspect of the drink, and push its fans to make outdoor experiences together.

“TINCUP is all about the moments,” says Joe Risi, PR Account Manager for TINCUP. “Planning for the adventure; mapmaking, prepping, and details. Its bottle shape and tincup top set it apart from every round bottle on the shelf. We designed the bottle in a hexagonal shape so you can strap it to a jeep, snowmobile, and or pack, and when the bottle falls over, like all bottles do, it doesn’t roll away. All bottles come complete with a tincup to share the liquid on the go.” TINCUP is begging to be shared among friends in the rugged outdoors.

“TINCUP’s fans come from all walks of life and across the US – from city dwellers to famous mountaineers to salmon fisherman to ski guides – they inspire each other and inspire the brand. We’re proud to embrace them and elevate their stories,” Risi said.

The campaign launches alongside a short film. Chronicling an epic journey to nearly 14,000 feet led by renowned adventurers Renan Ozturk, Sam Elias, Shayd Johnson, Nathaniel Atakora Martin, Isaac Johnston, and Max Lowe, the new TV spot will inspire people to find their Mountain – whether that’s scaling the Rockies or exploring beyond their own backyard. As an extension to the TV spot, a digital short film sees this crew of mountaineers share their own inspiration and experiences with friends that keep them coming back to the mountains. Tapping into Brooklyn-based creative agency, Dead As We Know It, and directed by Bruce St. Clair of Serial Pictures, the new TV spot is being broadcast during the pinnacle of energy and excitement of the national hockey finals.

More information can be found at, along with the TV spot and digital short film. The contest runs through July 11th. Entry instructions can be found on their website.

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