Medium Rebecca Rosen Offers Comfort and Advice From the Departed

by Ellen Gray


There are times when we just need to believe. Perhaps we’ve lost our way, we’ve reached a crossroads, or maybe we merely want to connect. We wait, we hope, we wonder. And then, unexpectedly, a sign. Seemingly insignificant on the surface, it may appear at a random moment. Nothing remarkable, maybe a smooth stone, a spider, flickering lights, a bird overhead. Take heed, because those subtle signs may well be a loved one trying to communicate with the living.

I had never given much thought to the spirit world, readily assuming that once people passed they were in another place that really had no bearing on my life. So when I sat in on a small group session with Rebecca Rosen, I had no expectations and certainly no preconceived ideas of what I was about to experience.

Rebecca Rosen is a medium; she communicates with the dead and brings relevance to the lives of the living. I lost my father (a wonderful, funny man devoted to family and golf ) a couple years ago and was interested in learning whether she could provide some insight into how he was doing.

She began the group with everyone seated in a circle. She chanted a short meditation, encouraging us to connect our bodies to the earth and to open our minds. There are times in a group when no one is really being receptive and allowing spirits to communicate, she pointed out. If people are shut down and not willing to hear the spirits, then there’s not going to be a lot of activity. Lucky for us, this group was ready to hear from loved ones and others who had departed.

Immediately upon beginning, Rosen heard from “Joe”, (names have been changed for the sake of privacy). Joe was the husband of Lisa, who was seated next to me. Joe had died within the past year and clearly wanted to reach out to his wife. “There’s someone who had a connection to a motorcycle,” Rosen observed. Lisa teared up and acknowledged this was her husband. And from there it became even more interesting. “I have an overwhelming feeling of desperation to set the record straight. He wants me to tell you he’s sorry. He’s talking about your daughters. Do you have a tattoo for him?” Rosen wondered. “I do,” Lisa sobbed. “Now who’s Jack?” “That’s my dad and grandfather,” said the man to my right (we’ll call him Ron). “Was there a heart-related issue?” Rosen asked. Ron acknowledged his grandfather was afflicted. “Was he a strong catholic?” Rosen wondered. Ron answered affirmatively. “He’s dressed like John Wayne,” Rosen intoned. “He liked cowboys,” Ron said. Spirits often appear in the form of their ideal, she explained.

The conversations continued, as Rosen bounced around the room, zeroing in on spirits and communicating their messages to the people in the group. It was interesting to watch people light up as she hit the mark, and then continued down a path of further exploration. Whether it was rocks as a sign (the woman in question held a stone in her lap and had a bag full of them that she randomly collected because “they called to me,”) or a direct message to a loved one, Rosen’s connections ran the gamut but in the end left everyone feeling empowered and positive. The takeaway: I went in a skeptic and walked out relieved and I’ll admit happy to know my father is still enjoying himself, and hopefully getting in a few rounds of golf, wherever he is.

Rosen’s calling as a spiritual medium became apparent when she was 20 years old and a student at the University of Florida. “Back home, my father had attempted suicide and my family was falling apart,” she acknowledges. “I slipped into a depression and it manifested itself through an eating disorder, called sleep eating. Every night for over six months, I’d sleepwalk into the kitchen and start carb-loading until moments later I’d ‘wake up’ and realize what I was doing. I felt helpless and out of control. As I would cry myself back to sleep, I would pray and beg for someone or something to help me out of this dark night of the soul.”

Not long after she began to pray, Rosen’s deceased Grandma Babe and her guardian angel, Maya, took over her hand as she was journaling in a bookstore, “writing messages through me,” a process she later discovered was automatic writing. “For over an hour they relayed helpful and healing words as I wrote furiously across the pages. Grandma Babe knew I was doubting the experience, so gave me a few details to run by my father to validate it was really her spirit I was channeling. Sure enough, my dad not only validated the information, but was blown away and encouraged me to continue connecting with her,” Rosen recalls.

“Grandma Babe suffered from severe postpartum depression and took her own life when I was just 10 years old,” she continues. “She said she was coming to me to help save me from going down the same dark road of depression. She asked me to work with her daily, along with my angel, to do the work on healing myself from the inside out. Eighteen months later I was healed and whole again.”

It was these tools, passed on to Rosen, that served as the basis of her first book, Spirited, which she describes as part memoir, and part self-help for readers to learn to tap into their own innate intuitive gifts and work with their team in spirit.

Interestingly, Rosen traces her connection to the spirit world back to her childhood. “I grew up in a middle-class Jewish home and had a very typical childhood, lots of good friends and great memories of being a kid and teenager,” she reflects. “I do recall having many conversations with my ‘imaginary friends,’ that I now know were not imaginary at all! These were spirits and angels that many young children can sense and see. And I remember just ‘knowing’ things, seeing the truth so clearly in any situation, often times leaving my parents speechless as to how I would know with such certainty. This was me tapping into my innate intuitive gift, something we all have to different degrees, and they can be especially strong in young children because our minds aren’t talking ourselves out of it – we’re just downloading truth as if it were fact.”

Obviously, a gift such as Rosen’s could easily be construed as a burden rather than a blessing. I asked her how she presents information that is bleak or upsetting. “At the beginning of a reading I pray and ask only what is highest and best for the individual, only information that is helpful or healing to come through,” she explains. “So if something comes up that we might label as ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ I share it in a way that I’m guided, in a way they can best hear it. I remind them that if it’s coming up, knowledge is power, and to use the information to either embrace the experience as a learning opportunity or change it. The future is not set in stone, and we have free will to make certain choices to alter the outcome. Knowing this, the guidance can be seen as empowering and helpful to the receiver.

Her openness to the spirit world made me wonder what happens when she visits a place that resonates with the departed, such as a cemetery. How do you cope with all the noise and how do you process all the emotions? I pressed. “While we don’t have the power to control it – turn it off – we always have the choice to tune in to it or not. So in times where I don’t want to tap into it, I simply tune it out,” she explains.

As evidenced by the tears and relief that washed over the entire small group I experienced, Rosen’s ability to communicate with the spirit world truly can be a gift to those in pain. I asked her what advice she offers someone who loses a loved one. “To know that while the physical loss is very painful and real, their spirit energy lives on in our hearts and we can access this eternal love connection to them by going within. Nobody is closer to their own inner guidance and connection to departed loved ones than you, and we can all tap into our intuitive gifts for ourselves. It simply requires making the time to be still and feel your way into this energy, while suspending doubt long enough to believe it is real.”

Rosen recently created a new self-guided digital content course, Begin With Prayer and Meditation, which many have used as a resource to begin their own healing process.The course is designed to help others begin a daily practice of prayer and mediation, and has a video with lessons and tips from Rosen on both prayer and mediation, grounding, creating a sacred space and more.  “Everything we need to know lies within us. We all have a God Spark within that connects us to something bigger than ourselves and to each other,” she explains. “And we all have the ability to talk with God/Source and Spirit (prayer) and to receive divine guidance and connection (meditation). There is no right or wrong way to do it, simply make time and space and go within and ask for what you want or need, then open your mind and heart to receive this download of divine energy, insight and guidance.”

For information on attending one of Rosen’s small group readings or to learn more about her books and mediations, visit

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