By Zoie Jordan

After months of anticipation, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort debuted their new family-friendly, water-centric aquatic park – Sopris Splash Zone – at the west end of Glenwood Hot Springs Pool this summer. The water park features three distinct “splash zones:” Shoshone Chutes, Hanging Lake, and Grand Fountain, each thoughtfully named after Colorado’s beautiful landscape. 

Shoshone Chutes is a fast-paced river ride mimicking the thrill of a Colorado whitewater experience; Hanging Lake is a wade-in waterfall-fed pool perfect for youngsters; Grand Fountain is a splash pad by day with water spraying up to seven feet in the air, and an illuminated show fountain reaching nearly 17 feet after hours. Grand Fountain can light up the night Vegas-style in your very own Colorado backyard!

Photo by Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

“The Sopris Splash Zone will add a whole new dimension to what you can do at our hot springs. It’s a game-changer,” Chief Operations Officer and Vice President for Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, John Bosco, stated. Designed for maximum thrill (all while maintaining safety of course), the new park honors the historic setting of the geothermal springs and captures the Colorado spirit while giving families a new and special experience to soak up at the iconic springs. 

Photo by Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

“One of the things that surprised me was how much the adventure river sounds like actual whitewater,” Kevin Flohr, Glenwood Hot Springs Operations Manager said. “I can’t wait to see what people think the first time they ride down the Shoshone Chutes.” If you’ve ever been whitewater rafting before or it’s on your family’s bucket list, Shoshone Chutes promises to deliver a similar experience – and at no extra hassle to make the adventure happen!

Photo by Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

The Sopris Splash Zone is now open daily throughout the summer and into the fall as weather permits. Hours are from 10am to 7pm. There is no additional fee to experience the new attractions and family fun at Sopris Splash Zone.

Healing wonder set in a mountain paradise

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is known as the world’s largest hot springs pool. The therapeutic springs waters are known as Yampah or “Big Medicine” as translated by the Ute Native Americans. The Ute’s were one of the first visitors to the hot springs followed by Captain Richard Sopris in 1860. Twenty years later the Yampah Hot Springs along with ten acres of surrounding land were purchased by Walter Horace, James Devereux, and a group of British investors. And in 1888 the world’s largest hot springs became known as the “healing wonder set in a mountain paradise.” The pool was built and people came from around the world to visit the hot springs in the newly established town of Glenwood.

3.5 million gallons of naturally hot mineral water rises from the source of the spring each day and cycle through the pools every 6 hours making it cleaner than most swimming pools. 

Along with the pools, guest can enjoy other amenities including, the Spa of the Rockies, a premier athletic club, a beautiful, 107-room lodge and a fun pool-side grill. 

Fun Fact: Did you know you can safely drink the water from the hot spring? Not the pool water but the rich mineral water that bubbles up from the spring. 

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