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The Source Hotel

The Source Hotel guest room displaying their unique garage door window

The hotel’s popular small-batch New Belgium brewery is located adjacent to the lobby (separated by glass walls so you can see in and watch the brewers at work). Normally they serve guests “a taste” of the beer at check in for free from the tap at the front desk. 

During these crazy times, they’ve made it a pint. 

Now, everyone at the hotel gets a free upgrade to a mountain view suite (gazing out at the Rocky Mountains beyond) or their garage door kings, which have actual remote-control garage doors which open to let in fresh air and needed sunshine. 

The Source is also offering extended stay discounts, understanding that many people are stranded, kicked out of their dorms, etc. and need the relief of a longer-term place to stay. People requiring longer-term stays should email the hotel directly at [email protected].

The hotel restaurant The Woods is offering a special menu through takeout, both for hotel guests and the public. (For the public, they deliver it to the front drive to their cars to help the community needs.) While most hotels can provide guests with a meal, what’s unique at The Source is that this independent hotel is also connected to a craft-focused, hyper-local market hall with vendors who are still open for business with deliveries/take away. So exposure can be limited but options extremely varied, from barbecue to Israeli. 

Aspen Meadows Resort

A signature shot of Aspen Meadows Resort during winter

In an attempt to surprise and delight guests while being mindful of staying outside of guest spaces unless explicitly directed, staff at the Aspen Meadows Resort in Aspen are now placing bags of gourmet baked goods for guests to enjoy, gratis, outside of guests rooms (along with providing complimentary coffee throughout the resort). It’s a rotating selection of cookies, banana bread, and their award-winning biscotti from Chef Aleece Alexander which has pistachio, apricot, and cranberry, for a bit of extra nutrition and comfort. “It’s the little things right now,” says General Manager Jud Hawk. “We’re serving many people who are working in Aspen and can’t be at home with their families. These small gestures make a difference.”   

For updates on what is being done in Colorado to help residents and visitors, please visit the following: Click here to view the state of Colorado’s official COVID-19 website.

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