Get Out!

It’s summer in Colorado and that means it’s time to get up, get out and get moving. There’s no shortage of fun and adventure, from beautiful hikes and rides to pristine golf courses and raging whitewater rafting. Whether you’re in the mountains or the city, busy and active is what it’s all about, and your first challenge will be figuring out how to fit in everything. So we’re excited to bring you the summer edition of Colorado Traveler, where you’ll be introduced to all that is fun and memorable during these warm seasonal months.

Let’s begin our travels through the state with a couple of great reads. Our writers, Sarah Kuta and Rebecca Treon have compiled their bucket lists of stellar events, running the gamut from hiking with llamas to capturing the beautiful sights to shopping and dining in some of the state’s best-known establishments. From laid-back and casual to energetic events that will get your heart pumping, the adventure awaits and is right here at your fingertips.

Speaking of outdoor adventures, have you ever wondered about those tent-like structures found in many a mountain area? Those are yurts, and they’re catching on with the camping crowd that craves a bit more luxury and refinement than old-fashioned canvas or polyester tents. There are a great variety of yurts available for rent, running the gamut from rustic to downright luxurious … in a campy sense. Monica Stockbridge offers unique insight into what you can expect to find when you stay in one of these fun and yes, out-of-the-ordinary, structures.

Of course, summer in Colorado means great music, great food and great scenery. What better place to get your fill of all three than at one of the many outdoor festivals that are so popular here? From top-notch performances ranging from rock to opera to symphony and ballet, Eric Elkins showcases the arts in all their glory, under the stars and amid the bounty of nature. Food aficionados will swoon over the dizzying lineup of festivals featuring all manner of culinary delights, conveniently located pretty much wherever your travels take you this summer.

And speaking of food, how about those world-famous Palisade Peaches? We are excited to announce that summer means the sweetest, juiciest peaches in all the land, and writer Eric Elkins has the inside dish on the restaurants and drinking establishments that are concocting unique and mouthwateringly delicious peach-based delicacies, using top-notch Palisade, Colorado peaches.

While you’re in Denver, don’t forget to check out the cool new Dairy Block, an inventive and very fun new venue teeming with shops, bars and restaurants. It’s a place where you’ll want to be seen, and where you’ll want to return on your next visit.

Enjoy Colorado … now get out and have some fun this summer!

Ellen Gray
Publisher, Colorado Traveler Magazine

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