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Recent Protests Cause One Business to Step Up and Reach Out

Many in our state have been impacted by the recent protests surrounding the horrific killing of George Floyd. Some businesses near the state capitol were vandalized, including Workability, a shared workspace that is steps away from where many gathered in protest. Rather than expressing anger, WorkAbility Works CEO Caroline Lofts chose to reach out to the community to offer words of support and assistance during this terribly sad time. “We were able to rebuild and restore very quickly and we know that is a privilege not everyone in Denver enjoys. If you’ve been impacted and need a place to rebuild please reach out to me directly via my email, [email protected].

WorkAbility is a community-focused, collaborative workspace that aims to foster meaningful connections and industry support for our members. We partner with visionary support networks, both Denver-based and international, providing our members with unrivaled access to a diverse range of business minds.

Please watch the video to learn more, especially if your business has been impacted.

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