Cherry Creek North (CCN) launched “Keep Cherry Creek Unique,” an initiative through CCN digital platforms offering the community ways to stay creative, active and educated during this stay-at-home period, while supporting small businesses.

Cherry Creek North is home to one of the largest concentrations of small businesses in the state. Out of the 260 retail and service businesses in CCN, 70 percent (or just over 175) are small retail businesses. This includes restaurants, fashion, jewelry and home furnishing stores, spas, salons and art galleries.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with themes of health and beauty (Mondays), fashion/décor/art (Wednesdays) and food (Fridays), Cherry Creek North will highlight small businesses providing tips and tricks for staying connected, centered and entertained during this time. Information includes everything from self-care to easy home décor styling tips to restaurant-quality dishes to make at home. Featuring six small businesses a week, communication also will include ways to support those businesses. 

“Small businesses have long been the backbone of our national economy and of our district. It’s essential that we come together as a community to support one another and the continuity and success of these businesses,” said Nick LeMasters, CCN president and CEO. “With the largest concentration of independent business in the intermountain west, Cherry Creek North has long served as an example of a unique, diverse and highly personalized neighborhood experience. The ‘Keep Cherry Creek Unique’ initiative allows us to take that experience online in a time when our community is seeking connection.”

To follow and engage with “Keep Cherry Creek Unique,” visit

Photo courtesy of Cherry Creek North

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