Denver Central Market launches Grocery Market Boxes

Market Boxes are a collection of goods from the vendors at Denver Central Market. Each box contains a curated variety of goods (prepared and raw) with all the ingredients to create meals for you and yours in the comfort of your home.

Boxes are available for purchase online from Green Seed between 11 a.m.–6 p.m. for immediate pickup (20-25 min) or delivery (approx.. 1 hour). You can order online anytime (even at midnight) and then just select either pickup or delivery between 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Rise and Shine ($60)

An assortment of breakfast foods

Bacon from SK Provisions, carton of milk and half-pound of coffee from Crema; stick of butter and block of cheese from Vero; assorted pastries from Izzio’s; dozen eggs, omelet veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms) from Green Seed.

Snacks for Days ($55)

A variety of snacks on a table

One meat, one soft cheese and one hard cheese and crackers from Vero; two Jerry’s Nut Snack Bags (Rocky Mountain Madness and Peanut Butter Pretzels) and fresh fruits (bananas, apples, oranges) from Green Seed; One loaf of bread and four cookies (assorted) from Izzio’s; One pint of ice cream from High Point.

Grill Out, Chill Out ($55)

Food good for grilling and chilling

Four shrimp skewers from Tammen’s Fish Market; two lbs. of ground beef and brats from The Local Butcher; three pints of deli salad (potato, pasta, Greek salad) from SK Provisions. Add charcoal, $6. Add dessert: Four cookies from Izzio’s ($8); one pint of High Point ice cream ($7); and/or milk chocolate caramels from Temper Chocolates ($6).

Italian Family (Prepared) ($45)

A prepared Italian meal

One tray of heat-and-eat lasagna from Vero; one whole chicken with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables from SK Provisions; One loaf of bread from Izzio’s. Add dessert: Four cookies from Izzio’s ($8); one pint of High Point ice cream ($7); and/or milk chocolate caramels from Temper Chocolates ($6).

The Big Box (Dry and Fresh) ($135)

A mix of dry and fresh foods

Two heads of broccoli, two peppers, one head of cauliflower, citrus, chard/kale, bulb garlic, carrot, onion, celery, tomatoes, herbs from Green Seed; two pounds. of dried pasta, one jar of tomato sauce, mozzarella and olive oil from Vero; one lb. chicken breast, one lb. ground beef, one lb. Italian sausage from The Local Butcher; four crab cakes form Tammen’s Fish Market; whole chicken and two deli pints of side salad from SK Provisions; one loaf of bread from Izzio’s; four cookies, one pint of High Point ice cream and milk chocolate caramels from Temper Chocolates; two rolls of toilet paper from Vero.

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