Publisher's Note

Issue 24, Summer 2019

Colorado – A Place Like No Other

Sports, Scenery, Food, and Fun


Win or lose, Colorado is all about the Denver Broncos. Here in the Rockies, they symbolize more than just a football team, they’re a rallying point, an emblem of community, and a beloved tradition that has stood the test of time. The Denver Broncos are tough, they’re gritty, and they never, ever give up. Our cover personality, Phillip Lindsay, embodies those traits to the hilt.

Lindsay joined the team as an undrafted rookie, and by all counts he could have been a sideline talent. But blend a determined mindset, an unbeatable work ethic, and a team mentality, and Lindsay blazed his way to stardom in a single season.

If you’re lucky enough to score a ticket to a game this fall, you’re going to love watching #30 work his magic on the field. Les Shapiro, a well-known sports guy who has interviewed the best, sat down with Lindsay in a candid one-on-one that shows readers the authentic side of this superstar athlete.

We know not everyone is a rabid sports enthusiast and realize many of you are here for the food and art … the true flavor of the town. That’s why we decided to dive into River North (RiNo), a fun and funky neighborhood in the downtown area that is teeming with interesting galleries, street art, delicious restaurants and sophisticated hotels. A true microcosm of urban life, RiNo attracts a lively, diverse assortment of locals and travelers who come for the experience and stay for the food, drink, art and fun.

If you’ve had your fill of city life, perhaps it’s time to take a trip outside – and there’s truly no better time than right now to appreciate the state in all its splendored autumn glory. Colorful Colorado is showing off its beauty in spectacular form, as the foliage is ablaze in hues of reds, oranges and golds. A short drive outside the city brings you to scenery you’ll long remember, and writer Rebecca Treon guides you to the best places to absorb the beauty of the season.

While you’re on the road, you may want to check out some great spots to grab a bite or learn a bit more about this unique and wonderful state we call home. Micah Ling introduces you to some historic mining towns that are rich with history and dotted with great little bars and cafes. Bring your bike if you’re so inclined, because there are many wonderful rides that will put a smile on your face. Whether you’re cycling, hiking or taking a leisurely drive, keep an eye out for some of the fabulous eateries that are part and parcel of Colorado. Eric Elkins (our favorite foodie) has compiled a rundown of some of our favorite haunts, local dives where everyone is welcome, and the food and ambience are fabulous and fun.

But never fear, there’s always time for one of our favorite activities … shopping! Anywhere you travel in Colorado, whether you’re in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, the mountains or elsewhere, the shopping is grand, and the stores are welcoming, chic and interesting. If you need some fun local ideas of where to find that perfect holiday gift, check out our Gift Guide in this issue, where we have assembled a fun mix of options ranging from the thoughtful to the frivolous and fanciful. There’s something for everyone and choosing will be half the fun!

Finally, here in Colorado we have so many different personalities who call this place home. Longtime journalist Bill Husted sits down with some of these interesting and entertaining individuals and discovers what they love about living here and about traveling everywhere. It’s a fun new section that we know our readers will enjoy!

So have a great time during your stay and during your travels. And as we close out 2019, we hope to see you this winter on the slopes or in the city!

Ellen Gray
Publisher, Colorado Traveler Magazine

Ellen Gray
Publisher, Colorado Traveler Magazine