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Monica Stockbridge

Monica Parpal Stockbridge writes about food, travel and technology in Colorado and beyond. When she’s not writing, she’s checking out craft breweries, hiking in the mountains or posting videos of her cats. Read more of her work at monicastockbridge.com.

“Savor every moment.”


Eric Elkins

Eric Elkins is all about delicious bites and tasty cocktails. He’s an author, a writer, and CEO and chief strategist at WideFoc.us Social Media in Denver. Learn more at https://www.widefoc.us.

“Eat well, travel often.”


Jamie Siebrase

Jamie Siebrase is a Denver-based writer specializing in travel and the outdoors. Her long-form journalism appears in Westword, and she was a guest columnist for The Denver Post

“When in a negotiation or a horse trade, never shy from asking for everything you want.”